Artesse Restaurant is a promise of extraordinary experiences on the level of all senses. We have created for you an unconventional place, designed to celebrate special moments and enjoy extraordinary meals. The restaurant is located in the courtyard of the former Lubomirski Palace, a place filled with art, history and original design. Exotic plants decorating the interiors fulfill the dream of Princess Czartoryska, the former owner of the palace, to create a secluded orangery in this place. Such is Artesse cuisine – drawing on past centuries and Polish culinary traditions, but presented to our guests in a contemporary, refined and elegant manner. Our aim is to make this place, which used to gather the urban and court elite, invariably a temple of culinary art and a constant adventure of discovering flavours.


At Artesse, we have created a unique space not only on a Polish scale but also in Europe. It is a mix of exceptional design combining classical art from the collections of the former owners of the palace with contemporary art by world-class artists.

The concept of the restaurant is to provide a unique experience in every aspect of the visit so that it provides not only an unforgettable culinary adventure touching history touching history, art and aesthetics.


Artesse Restaurant is located in the historic Lubomirski Palace, whose unique interiors are now part of the luxurious five-star H15 Luxury Palace Hotel. Our restaurant is located in the former courtyard of the Palace, now developed as an enclosed orangery. The orangery, which was Princess Isabella's dream, was to be built on this site more than two hundred years ago. Among the exotic vegetation, balls were to be held, the highlight of which would also be culinary premieres. After almost two centuries, we are fulfilling the dream of our patroness, and in recognition of her many contributions, every year, on the anniversary of her birthday, we hold a party that is also the birthday of our restaurant.


Exquisite cuisine is a combination of experience, knowledge and passion. The driving force behind all these is the Artesse’s chef de cuisine, Mateusz Suliga.

Inspired by the unique history of the palace, he reaches back to the oldest records of culinary historians and regional traditions, applying them to contemporary currents, and by combining old recipes with the latest trends in cuisine, he presents them in a completely new, often surprising version.

Mateusz’s visit to the table is a guarantee of an extremely inspiring conversation about the history of the palace kitchen.


When creating the menu, Chef Mateusz Suliga and his young and talentedteam look for inspiration in the history and the traditions of ancient Polish cuisine, translating them into contemporary culinary language. With the dishes they serve, they want to show the multicultural melting pot, which draws handfuls of products from all over the world, but at the same time does not avoid regionality, peculiarity and tradition. The Artesse team is made up of passionate explorers of new flavors, whose joy of creation translates into the uniqueness of the dishes they serve.


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